Configured for Optimal value creation

Sunsuria Kejora Business Park is a 60.8-acre industrial development that empowers business owners with the flexibility to utilize their units in diverse ways, catering to their specific needs.

Strategic Location

At the crossroads of Asia Pacific, within Malaysia's most industrialised state & surrounded by 4 cities.

Superior Connectivity

Move your goods reliably, swiftly via quick access to nearby railway container depot, a major seaport, 2 airports and 5 efficient highways.

Versatile Design

An architecture facade that inspired trust, and interiors that work - whether it's used as a show gallery, tech complex, warehouse, industrial site, or production hub.

Greater ROI

Attractive investment opportunity with good value and the potential for high yield returns.


Green Building-certified with incorporation of green construction materials and sustainable features.

Energised By Nature

Revitalising campus grounds with a central park seamlessly embedded to the masterplan, fostering ideas and inspired productivity.

Designed for Optimal Efficiency

4 In 1 Functionality

  • Warehouse
  • Showroom
  • Office
  • Production Hub

24-7 Security

Protected by perimeter fencing and fortified with a security-barrier checkpoint, our premises are further safeguarded by round-the-clock security control, dilligent patrolling, and comprehensive CCTV survelliance.

Sustainable DNA

Crafted with a vision of sustainability, Sunsuria Kejora Business Park boasts an array of eco-conscious attributes that help businessses to conserve energy and resources while minimising the carbon footprint of the park.

Solar Panel-Ready Roof Structures

Isolator for EV Charger

Green Building-certified with Incorporation of Green Construction Materials

Easy Maintenance with Locally-sourced High Quality Building Materials

Save on Electricity with Sufficient Openings & Glazing for Natural Lighting & Ventilation

Passive Cooling with Pitched Roof Design, Heat Resistance Materials & Insulation

Solar-powered LED Streetlights

Rainwater Harvesting System


  • TYPE A1
  • LAND AREA 70’ x 150’
  • BUILT UP 6,129 sq.ft.


  • TYPE A2
  • LAND AREA 70’ x 150’
  • BUILT UP 6,129 sq.ft.


  • TYPE C2
  • LAND AREA 70’ x 190’
  • BUILT UP 8,227 sq.ft.

Site plan

Every detail has been meticulously examined, encompassing the meticulous design of the parkland, the seamless architectural finesse, and the utmost convenience of the loading process


Sunsuria Kejora Business Park is situated in the manufacturing valley of Puncak Alam in the West of Selangor. It is surrounded by expressways and four major cities - Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and capital city Kuala Lumpur - and not far from a seaport and two airports.


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